Aram Gershuni

Aram Gershuni
Aram Gershuni is Self-taught. He also studied privately with Israel Hershberg, and at the Jerusalem Studio School (1997). Aram Gershuni's first one-man show took place at the Alon Segev Gallery in 2003. His second one man show opened at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art in 2009, and was highly acclaimed. He has participated in many group shows in galleries and museums, including the Tel-Aviv Museum of Fine Art, the Israel Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London. Works by Aram Gershuni are included in many public and private collections in Israel and abroad, including the collection of The Israel Museum, The Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, and the Supreme Court of Israel. Aram Gershuni has taught drawing and painting in many institutions in Israel, including The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (1997-2004), the Jerusalem Studio School (2004-2006), and "HaTahana" school in Tel-Aviv, which he co-founded, and where he still teaches. Aram Gershuni's work has won many prestigious awards and scholarships.

Selected Work

Four Lemons, Oil on Wood, 40X30 cm, 2015

Milk and Eggs, Oil on Wood, 40X30 cm, 2016

Flower, Oil on Wood, 60X60 cm, 2016

Mother, Oil on Wood, 60X50 cm, 2015-2016

Itamar at 17, Oil on Wood, 42x50 cm, 2017

Chicken, Oil on Wood, 37.5x32 cm, 2017

The Jade Sea, Oil on Wood, 30X25 cm, 2016

White Flowers, Oil on Wood, 33X45.5 cm, 2017

Significant Soil, Oil on Wood, 40x30 cm, 2017

Souvenir d'Italie, Oil on Canvas on Wood, 40X45cm, 2014-2015

The Pattern More Complicated, Oil on Wood, 41X45 cm, 2017

Regression, Oil on Wood, 40X50 cm, 2016

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