Recent Works

Recent Works

Aram Gershuni

20 December 201816 February 2019
  • Aram Gershuni, Self Portrait at Fifty, Oil on Wood, 45x40 cm, 2018

  • Aram Gershuni, Butter, Oil on Wood, 19x23 cm, 2018

  • Aram Gershuni, Profile Picture, Oil on Wood, 24x50 cm, 2017

  • Aram Gershuni, Flesh, Oil on Canvas, 37x30 cm, 2018

Aram Gershuni's solo exhibition, ‘Recent Works,’ features new paintings from the last three years: portraits, still-life and landscape paintings. Aram Gershuni’s painting discipline is based on direct observation. He dedicates most of his time to working in his studio, which he describes as “a chamber of daylight” and the live model or still life depicted in his paintings is always illuminated by natural light. Gershuni once referred to the paradoxical nature of painting from observation by saying: “Today I understand that all painting is painting from memory, even from still lifes, because I cannot see the motif and the painting at the same time.”