In Search of a Perfect Lover

In Search of a Perfect Lover

Group Exhibition

17 October 201328 November 2013
  • Inge Pries Kantor, Federschm, 2013, Oil on canvas,190*145 cm

  • Daniel Silver, Untitled, 2013, Watercolor on perforated, 61*46cm

  • Shay Zilberman, Untitled, 2013, Collage on paper, 29*20cm

  • Hila Lulu Lin, 2000


bianca eshel gershuni, danielle gottesman, shay zilberman, hila lulu lin, noa ben-nun melamed, daniel silver, david adika, inge pries kantor, gil marco shani.

The name of the exhibition echoed accurately and familiarly, like a deja vu. We have decided to continue the search in an exhibition here at Inga Gallery in Tel Aviv. The ultimate search is of the Perfect, the Lover is merely an excuse; even as such the lover might become central.