A Rainbow in a Cherubine's Hair

A Rainbow in a Cherubine's Hair

Ester Schneider

4 May 20124 June 2012
  • Still Life with Legs, 2010, mixed technique on paper, 120*130 cm

  • seven dimensional Diamond, 2010, acrylic and oil on canvas, 90*70 cm

  • sticks in the hair, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 120*100 cm


S.M.: What place do the figures hold in your paintings? Is it essential that we know who they are? They often appear to function as instruments within a wider system of connections and inter-relations that exist in the paintings.

E.S.: Those figures comprise a painted community of mine, one that is sometimes joined by unexpected or imaginary characters. I’m interested in the possibility of trans-generational encounters, and naturally many of the figures are based on self-portraits, but with certain deviations.

From a correspondence between Sagit Mezamer and Ester Schneider