New Works

New Works

Diti Almog

5 January 201217 February 2012

For the past 18 years Diti Almog has been investigating the concept of “Series” and
the way her paintings relate to each other, while changing her focus to different aspects
within the subject as time progressed. Time and light have been increasingly taking
center stage in her quest as she has been exploring light at different times of day (year),
while the horizon line has remained the thread that ties the series, both conceptually and
almost “cinematically”.

In her recent work she has taken one further step and has “taken apart” the painting
itself. The paining is now literally made out of a few panels, “internalizing” the idea
of the Series. It’s as if Diti Almog is making the “building blocks” of a painting (the
components/panels) while the final assembly and “the making of the painting” is done
when she hangs it. One painting can present a few “options”, by hanging the panels in a
different order or by replacing them with different panels altogether.

All of Diti Almog’s paintings are made with water based paint on Aircraft Plywood.