Veiling and Unveiling in Language

Veiling and Unveiling in Language

Sharon Etgar
Yael Burstein

9 January 201422 February 2014
  • Sharon Etgar, Sculpture Garden III, 2013, Paper collage on cardbord, 35x31 cm


  • Yael Burstain, Untitled, 2011, A magazin paper, 28x31cm


  • Sharon Etgar, After Anthony Caro 1969-70, 2013, Paper collage, 21x30 cm

To look at the world as a dreamer-ever closer to the things of the world, as one who is readyto forgot the concepts and names by which we have fractured the world and divided it into so many particles,to cariages', 'horses', 'pepole', 'broomsticks. 'to be a fool a while, and recall the stretches of silence that we have convered up over time in the endless jumble of words which keep us as at distance, protecting us from being's infinite size and overwhelming proximity.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a famous essay by hayim nahman bialik written in 1915, about the power of figurative speech to unveil an aspect of  man's proximity to the world's being in an unmediated way. the exhibition is a part of a long dialogic process between the works of yael burstain and those sharon etgar in recent years.

Yuval Etgar, exhibition curator