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Force Majeure

Force Majeure

Motoi Yamamoto, Gaston Zvi Ickowicz, Inge Pries Kantor, Ibe Kyoko, Francisco Vidal, Neta Harari, Ali Silverstein, Angela Klein, Netta Lieber Sheffer

5 December 201918 January 2020

Maya Gold

Maya Gold
Maya Gold lives and works in Tel Aviv and Brussels. Gold is a graduate of the MFA program at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, where she also holds a teaching position. Gold is an acclaimed artist in the contemporary art scene. Gold has shown several solo exhibitions, in Israel and abroad, including at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Gold’s latest solo exhibition was held at the Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco. Gold has been awarded various prizes and grants including the Young Artists Award of the Israeli Ministry of Culture (2014) and her works have been acquired by museums and collectors worldwide.

Selected Work

Dr Himmel, 2013, Oil on canvas, 112 x 132 cm

Untitled, 2013, Oil on canvas, 65 x 80 cm

Untitled, 2017, Oil on cnvas, 152 x 180 cm

I See You, 2017, Oil on canvas, 76 x 140 cm

My dear painting,2019, Embroidery threads and canvas, 50 x 80 cm

Untitled, 2019, Embroidery threads and canvas, 127 X 190 cm

1 Forest in the Rain, 2013, Oil on canvas, 92 x 110 cm

Untitled, 2017, Oil on canvas, 110 x 72 cm

Memora, 2015, Oil on black MDF, 65 X 59 cm

Memory, 2015, Oil on black MDF, 65 X 59 cm

Echo, 2011, Oil on canvas, 110 x 192 cm

Echo, 2011, Oil on canvas, 110 x 192 cm

Maritime ,2008, oil on canvas, 76 x 120 cm

Maritime, 2008, Oil on canvas, 128 x 171 cm

One Day, 2015, Oil on black MDF, 53 X 47 cm each

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