Irit Hemmo

Irit Hemmo
Irit Hemmo, born 1961, is a Tel Aviv based artist and Senior Lecturer in the Fine Arts Department at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. Hemmo’s work varies between different mediums and techniques. In the past four years she has worked on an ongoing project - a body of paintings made with dust. For this project, she built a room where she creates dust storms via manipulated vacuum cleaners, resulting in layers of dust (and time) upon carefully placed stencils. In her latest solo show, Hemmo exhibited the dust-room as an automated, time based installation, as well as a projected video. Upon the room's floor, Hemmo created scale sized monuments and objects, which resembled the modern city's architecture. The manipulated vacuum cleaners created dust storms periodically, covering and revealing throughout the show, as the dust piled up over the floor's landscape to create an illusion of a catastrophe, a post-apocalyptic environment where once there was life. Irit has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the globe including: The Istanbul Biennale; New York; London; Munich; Koln; Hamburg; Vienna; Valencia; Basel, among many other venues. Her works are part of the collections of both Israel Museum, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Museum of Art, as well as various institutional and private collections.

Selected Work

Storm #5 (kurt schwitters), 2012, Dust storm on formica, 200X297 cm

Untitled, 2008. Dust on formica, 150X225X6 cm

Untitled. 2009, Mixed media, 17X12X7 cm

Untitled, 2008, Collage on paper, 29.7X21 cm

Untitled, 2010, Collage on formica, 135X160 cm

From "shelf life", 2010, Haifa museum of art

Pit, 2006, Carbon paper on paper, 125X160 cm

Richard, 2001, Carbon paper on formica, 192X133.5 cm

Bon voyage, 2005, Carbon paper on paper, 62X42 cm

Bon Voyage, 2005, Carbon paper on paper,31X42 cm

Gallery Exhibitions