Ali Silverstein

Ali Silverstein
Los Angeles-based artist Ali Silverstein's works build on a rare painterly skill to embrace the existential authenticity of immediate, unqualified creative gesture. With an undergraduate degree from Columbia University (where she studied visual art and comparative religion) and an MFA in painting from The Slade School of Art in London, Silverstein was also one of the inaugural advisors to Outset Contemporary Art Fund while still a student at The Slade. She has been mentored by both Chuck Close and Nicholas Logsdail of Lisson Gallery. Silverstein enjoyed successful solo exhibitions with Bischoff/Weiss Gallery in London until the gallery closed in 2014, and is now represented by Inga Gallery in Tel Aviv, who met Silverstein during a residency at the Outset space on Bialik Street. Her works continue to be collected internationally by some of the most significant voices in the art world.

Selected Work

Installation view at Untitled Miami Beach Art Fair

Hyperion, 2015, Glued canvas and acrylic paint on canvas, 172x194 cm

Olympic, 2015, Acrylic paint ,layered and cut canvas 103 x 80 inches

August 18 2015, 2015 , Acrylic paint , layered and cut canvas 81 x 99 inches

November 7 2015, 2015 Acrylic paint , layered and cut canvas 81 x 101 inches

October 1 2015, 2015, Acrylic paint , layered and cut canvas 81 x 108 inches

Overland ,2015, Acrylic paint , layered and cut canvas, 102 x 80 inches

Installation view at Inga Gallery, 2015 

Gallery Exhibitions